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Jon Pattons Cruz’ Driver

About the circuit Jon Patton is a great engineer in building guitar effects. He developed a good number of circuits that are well known in the DIY community. What Jon sais about this circuit: This was a fun challenge, and it came together pretty quickly once we identified what would work well with his amp […]

Relay Switches – The story

The TH custom line of quiet switching Seriously: Everyone owns a pedal that sounds great but makes problems when switching it on and off. The reasons for this can be found in the “To popp or not to popp” knowledgbase-article. The other issue is the mechanical endurance of the switch itself. How long will it […]

Merlins Jenny Greenteeth

About this circuit Merlin Blencowe, also known as the Valvewizard (, introduces his new circuit on his projects page as follows: Jenny GreenTeeth started off as an experiment in making a chorus effect using the PT2399. Chorus is created by passing the signal through a very short delay line, somewhere between about 8ms and 25ms. […]

OD 67 Overdrive – DIY

This is based on a DOD 250™/ MXR Dist+  overdrive which is a straight-to-the point distortion unit. In addition to that Brian Wampler has written a nice article in premierguitars which discussed a lot of modifications to optimize the circuit Those mods are switchable on the OD67 board. The most usefull one (which the […]

PControl Modular – The next generation DIY looper

Since I have discontinued the PControl Looper I have received so many requests to as when the new PControl will be available that I cannot count them. Here is the documentation of the development of the new device and my thoughts – based on a lot of feedback and wishes I have received since I […]

U-Boat V1.5 – Suboctaver

  Sub-Octave-Effect based on Merlin Blencowe’s circuit. Most of the Sub-Octave effects today (if we talk analog here) are based on the Boss(TM) OC2 circuit. Merlin has digged up another method to generate an octave effect and designed a nice circuit around it. Learn more here:   This circuit has a few changes to the original […]

Dr. Phil Compressor – DIY

This is a well known circuit which features a versatile compressor together with a nice dirt section. The optical compressor circuit can be blended in with the original signal. The compressed signal can additionally be blended with its overdriven signal. Some words about the controls: There are mixed reactions when people are confronted with so […]