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The Ultimate Switch V2.0 – DIY

The ultimate switch developed out of the need to somehow bring back old times when you had switches (more than 1) that released any already pressed switch when a new switch is pressed. You would call that a 1 out of X logic or radiobuttons if you were in the microprocessor area. During the development […]

All-in-One Recording/OnStage Unit- DIY

The All-In-One box is a the core part to your universal tool for recording, home-practicing and stage. What does it do? Input gain control FX Loop Wet/Dry Mixer (it’s a panner actually, so you can have 100% wet and 0% dry) aux in and aux volume control (connect your favourite mp3 player) buffered amp-out with […]

Valv-e-tizer 1.1/1.3/1.4/1.5 – DIY

Did you ever want to build a real tube pedal but you have been embarassed by the disadvantages: high, lethal voltage free wiring all the irritating schematics then this is for you. Valv-e-tizer is a project running on 9V pedal power builds like any other effect circuit comes in different flavours is fun! This circuit […]

OD 66 – DIY

The OD 66 Overdrive is based on the old DOD 250(TM) Overdrive. This version features an additional switch for the selection of different clipping diodes. This build is easy for beginners and fits a 1590B enclosure easily.   The V1.1 version features the 9mm helper pot, better aligned Pads and an on-board switch. The OD-66 […]