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ROG Umble V1.0/1.2/1.3/1.4 – DIY

This is my PCB for runoffgroove’s Umble overdrive. The circuit has been altered to have less gain. The original had way too much for my liking. Listen to the soundfiles! Here is the link to ROGs project and their soundfiles. The Umble is modelled after one of the famous Dumble amps. Board mounted pots can […]

ROG Thor modified V1.2 – DIY

This is my PCB for runoffgroove’s Thor overdrive. Here is the link to ROGs project and their soundfiles. The Thor is modeled after a Marshall 100W super lead amp. This circuit enhances the original build by adding a Bandaxall tonestack and a lead-channel-mod. Board mounted pots can be used to make the build easier. V1.1 […]

Pedal Controller V2.1 – DIY

Build your own Pedalboard Controller using our modular system ! This is Revision 2.1 with several enhancements processor controlled easy-to-read display 30 banks of 4 patches each 8 Loops with optional Bi-Amping Input board with linear driver and Tuner-Out Up to 16 loops using the extension board Input board has an optional power distribution area […]

Joe Davissons JFET-Vulcan 1.0 / Devil V2.0 -DIY

This is all about Joe Davissons JFET Vulcan high gain overdrive. Although the schematics that can be found on the net are a few years old this is still one of the simplest to build and good sounding high gain circuits. The original Vulcan PCB has been discontinued.   The Devil   The original circuit […]

Headphone Amplifier – DIY

It took quite a while but here it is: The headphone amplifier circuit for almost every need. These are available: HiFi headphone amplifier with stereo simulation. Miniature headphone extension board (add a headphone out to an existing design) The mini headphone board that fits into a 1590A enclosure INCLUDING battery !   HiFi headphone amp […]