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All-in-One Recording/OnStage Unit- DIY

The All-In-One box is a the core part to your universal tool for recording, home-practicing and stage. What does it do? Input gain control FX Loop Wet/Dry Mixer (it’s a panner actually, so you can have 100% wet and 0% dry) aux in and aux volume control (connect your favourite mp3 player) buffered amp-out with […]

Valv-e-tizer 1.1/1.3/1.4/1.5 – DIY

Did you ever want to build a real tube pedal but you have been embarassed by the disadvantages: high, lethal voltage free wiring all the irritating schematics then this is for you. Valv-e-tizer is a project running on 9V pedal power builds like any other effect circuit comes in different flavours is fun! This circuit […]

Headphone Amplifier – DIY

It took quite a while but here it is: The headphone amplifier circuit for almost every need. These are available: HiFi headphone amplifier with stereo simulation. Miniature headphone extension board (add a headphone out to an existing design) The mini headphone board that fits into a 1590A enclosure INCLUDING battery !   HiFi headphone amp […]