Pedal Controller V2.1 – DIY


PControl V2.1 - Build Instructions

PControl V2.1 - Build Instructions

1.0.0 - 8 September, 2015 2.27 MB

Build your own Pedalboard Controller using our modular system !

This is Revision 2.1 with several enhancements

  • processor controlled
  • easy-to-read display
  • 30 banks of 4 patches each
  • 8 Loops with optional Bi-Amping
  • Input board with linear driver and Tuner-Out
  • Up to 16 loops using the extension board
  • Input board has an optional power distribution area (recommended for the 16 loop version)
  • Software now allows to use manual mode which enables you to switch on/off single loops at will without the need for programming.

Based on your needs you are free to use the available components in building your own straight-to-the-point pedal controller unit!

Demonstration video of the unit:

The pedal controller 2.1 DIY-Set consists of:

  • 1 PControl 2.0 Display PCB
  • 1 PControl 2.1 Controller PCB
  • 1 PControl 2.0/3.0 Relais 1 PCB
  • 1 PControl 2.0/3.0 Relais 2 PCB
  • 1 PControl V3.0 Input/Tuner PCB
  • Programmed Microcontroller V2.12

For your reference the V2.0 build instructions:

PControl V2.1 has been discontinued. Please look out for the new PControl Modular Unit.




  1. Iyan ibanezer

    very good project….

    Can I ask for the data Eprom? please…. ::)

  2. TH custom effects (Post author)

    Its available in the shop for small money.
    Great you like the project.

  3. Yann

    I am deeply interested in the PControl project, Is It out of stock for a long time yet, or will it be available soon?
    Thank you in advance to keep me informed.
    Best regards,

  4. TH custom effects (Post author)

    The PControl V2.1 is discontinued. There will be a new project available in a few weeks.

  5. idolzest

    When we can buy a kit Control Modular? This is a very interesting project!

  6. TH custom effects (Post author)

    Its still delayed.

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