Tube Driver125B V1.2 PCB

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Tube Driver V1.2 125B Template

Tube Driver V1.2 125B Template

1.0.0 - 18 July, 2015 18.66 KB

The famous tube driver in an outstanding design.

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PCB for 125B enclosures (tube outside enclosure), socket and pots PCB mounted

PCB only!

Sound demo:



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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 68 × 50 × 2 mm

1 review for Tube Driver125B V1.2 PCB

  1. Tom Lauten

    I have built a lot of pedals both from kits and from scratch. The Tube Driver was pretty easy to assemble but very good soldering skills are needed and you need to CAREFULLY check each component for specs and placement before soldering…it’s a busy board once you get stuck into the build and the idea of debugging and pulling parts would be a pain. Go slow, be tidy, methodical and check everything twice and you’ll be fine. My pedal worked immediately after the build, could not have been more straight forward.

    I don’t know if it’s the power of suggestion, wishful thinking or pure mojo but this pedal has the best overdrive effect I have ever heard. Perfect? No. Full of soul? Yes. It responds to EVERYTHING you do with the guitar. The gain, volume and tone controls allow you to tweak from near clean through to spluttering saturated raunch. The od sound is rich and analog with lots of complex textures and harmonics. The pedal also interacts with its own volume giving extra richness to the gain. The trim pot allows you to set the basic sound canvas the way you like it, then it’s down to your playing and controls. I am LOVING this pedal.

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