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2W Headphone amplifier and stereo simulation in one!
$ 9.10
Build your own programmable looper! See the users manual for details. PCB set including microcontroller and RGB LED.
$ 30.97
$ 9.99
10W power amp that runs on 9V or 12V. Use as a practicing solution or to boost up your iPod!
$ 6.11
Runoffgoove's Thor (Marshall Super Lead 100) with added baxandall tonestack.
$ 8.88
Add a headphone-out to your effect or multi-build!
$ 4.11
Merlins 27dB boost based on a bootstrap transitor amplifier
$ 6.11
Small version of a TS 808 pedal with some improvements to the historical circuit.
$ 9.44
Universal toolbox for filtering and routing effects. Able to split original signal into low and high parts. Features everything board mounted!
$ 11.66
Your Muff in a miniature format (fits 1590A enclosures)
$ 8.88
$ 9.99
Chip used for the headphone amp projects
$ 0.89
Clone of a famous compressor with dirt section and unique controls.
$ 9.99
Universal toolbox for filtering and splitting the original sound into low and high parts. Small PCB with lots of wiring required.
$ 9.44
Very flexible and small parametric 3-band EQ-solution with trimmers for Q and Frequency.
$ 9.44
Switching solution for multi-effect builds.
$ 13.21
Parallel Mixer/Splitter with board mouted jacks
$ 10.55
Optional 7-segment replacement board for the PGM/BANK switch of the EPIC Looper
$ 8.33
Chip used for the 10W power amp amp project. (two needed!)
$ 1.11
$ 5.00
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