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Microcontrolled Relay-true-Bypass with MUTE feature. Signal is muted while switching - reducing noise.
$ 3.58-$ 8.85
This is a no microcontroller version of a relay true bypass.
$ 5.15-$ 7.28
The preassembled module makes it easy for you to wire up your pedal switch in the same time as any 3PDT
$ 3.58-$ 7.28
This is a 3D printed tube holder designed to easily mount a tube in your enclosure.
$ 1.29-$ 14.45
Get this wonderful tool to easily debug any pedal you have in your "need to fix" pile. Just power it on and test it out. Includes sine signal generator. No need for extensive wiring or external tools.
$ 25.65-$ 35.73
Jon Pattons Cru'z driver circuit. A tube driver with FETs. 1590B enclosure
$ 8.96-$ 10.08
3PDT mounting PCB with LED brightness control.
$ 1.12-$ 5.04
Designed for mounting 9mm pots in 1590A enclosures.
$ 0.56-$ 2.24
Your favourite 3PDT wiring board for 1590A enclosures. Features CLR and LED on board.
$ 1.34-$ 6.16
Add a symmetric XLR-out to any effect with this board!
$ 5.04-$ 6.16
Our own high-gain metal pedal!  
$ 14.56
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