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Our version of the famous tube driver in an outstanding design
$ 10.64
5-Band Equalizer in a super miniature format.
$ 5.38
Universal splitter/mixer circuit in a small format.
$ 4.37
Merlins great analog suboctave effect.
$ 10.08
Our excellent reverb unit for your pedalboard or to enhance your amp. Features a deep mode to create cavern like sounds.
$ 10.08
Learn and build your own tube pedal! Different styles possible.
$ 8.85
runoffgroove's great modulation circuit offerinng "true" vibrato.
$ 9.52
Our version of the famous tube driver in an easy to build format. PCB only!
$ 1.29-$ 14.45
Smallest Opto-Bypass you can get!
$ 3.25
Very flexible and small parametric EQ-solution.  +/- 12dB
$ 5.04
Runoffgroove's Surpeaux Deux circuit (Supro 16T Amplifier)
$ 7.84
Acoustic guitar simulator. Based on the "Woody"
$ 8.40
$ 5.15
Runoffgroove's Azabache (Great Fender™ amp emulation).
$ 9.52
Runoffgroove's great cabinet simulator. Includes the marshall-mod.
$ 8.40
$ 9.52
runoffgroove's great bass overdrive. AMPEG SB12 Portaflex emulation. (Also for guitars!)
$ 8.96
Merlins Reverb based on two delay chips! Very smooth and easy sounding
$ 10.64
Very flexible and full control parametric 3-band EQ-solution with pots for Q and Frequency.
$ 11.76
Chip used for the 5-band equalizer project
$ 2.46
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