The custom shop will open on Mai 2nd.

Our custom shop enables you to get the pedal you have always dreamed of.

headphone_stereo_retailThe starting point in our offering is the basis pedal which is made of the best components available. There is not a single cheap component you will find. This starts with quality low noise parts in the pedals circuit and extends to potentiometers, knobs, jacks and the enclosure.

Our standard pedal comes in a polished durable aluminium enclosure which is labeled with negative or positive graphics sealed with several layers of clearcoat.





There is also an almost undestructable version with etched graphics. Apart from the superior looks the graphics will never come off and is always readable, even after years of use.

This option is available for almost all of our pedals for an additional charge.

Please be aware that all of our pedals are handmade, so small variations in the make and look are to be expected.


If you have a special picture and would like to see that on your pedal – no problem. We will try our best to make it true. If it is black and white you can choose from the more standardized ways as shown above, but we can also do true color images and bring them onto your pedal. Prices need to be discussed for each request separately. We can even do the artwork for you if you do not have a picture ready.

The custom shop also allows you choose type and color of knobs, color and size of LED’s as well as your favourite type of jacks and enclosure. Just get in contact with us and we will discuss it.

Also if you would like to put several effects in one box or you need a special effect that is not in production anymore: We are sure we can help you !


boost_protoWe are also very fond of our small product line. They do come in a 90x39x35 enclosure but work as eccellent as the larger ones. Of course there are limits but we will try our best do squeeze your favourite circuit into it!






Some more pictures of effects we have done:

































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