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How to use a NOPE with EHX superswitcher/ Boss ES-8 and alike control outputs

There have been a few of these questions during the last months.So here is what [...]

True bypass relay module prototype

Due to the high demand from our customers we are currently working on a ready-to-use [...]

Aguilar (TM) Tonehammer 500 silent mod

When a client approached me to silence his Tonehammer amp I took on the task. [...]

Signal Tracer/Injector pen – the story

This is the story of how this handy tool came into existence. Once upon a [...]

The Modular Controller build report

Its here. Unbelievable but after 4 years in the drawer with no time to bring [...]

Effect Control Unit Update

The effect control unit has been reviewed and got a software upgrade (V1.4). Whats new? [...]

New Website Layout

We have been working hard rework the website to bring it to current website standards [...]

Increased shipping cost ūüôĀ

As of Jan 1st 2019 Deutsche Post – along with a lot of other carriers [...]

3-band param EQ – V2

ParaMetric EQs

Please check out our revised 3-band parametric EQ. Tone at your full control. V2.0 featrures a wide spaced knob layout to allow you easier of your parameters.

There is also a 1-band parametric EQ und a slim version of the 3-band!

Take me to parametric EQs

They are a great source of information about effect pedals. We have a lot of their designs available as PCBs for you to build an effect b ased on their research!

Visit our runoffgroove section Visit

runoffgroove’s Umble¬†

Our special try on the great Dumble amp


Tube Effects

Learn more about tube effects with our great Valv-e-tizer project. Already hundreds of people built this ranging from overdrive to clean. Someone even used two of them to build a HiFi Stereo stage for his music amp.

Visit the tube DIY blog