NOPE Relay True Bypass – Kit

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NOPE V1.1 - Build Instructions

NOPE V1.1 - Build Instructions

- 10 September, 2015 396.14 KB

This is a no microcontroller version of a relay true bypass.

Available on backorder

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This is a no microcontroller version of a relay true bypass.

This Kit contains everything you need but the momentary switch:

  • PCB
  • IC
  • Fujitsu FTR-B4C relay
  • 78L05 voltage regulator
  • 1N5817 diode
  • 330nF cap
  • 47/100 uF p-electro cap
  • 2 resistors
  • 3mm clear LED (red,green,blue,orange – specify with your order or you get a random color)

Soft touch momentary switch can be ordered separately.

When kits are on backorder you still will receive it in 3-5 days time.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 34 × 30 × 20 mm

2 reviews for NOPE Relay True Bypass – Kit

  1. John Roberts (verified owner)

    This is a real step forward from clunky footswitches. It’s silent and requires a very light touch to switch. No more stomping! Kit is complete and easy to build – the switch itself isn’t included. The wiring can end up a bit like spaghetti if you’re not careful, but there’s a clear diagram in the build doc showing how to connect it all up. I’ll be retrofitting these to a few of my favourite pedals.

  2. sungangsg

    nice!i want to build one for my pedal,is the Circuit diagram avaliable?

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