ROG Umble V1.4 PCB

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ROG Umble V1.4 - Build Instructions

ROG Umble V1.4 - Build Instructions

1.0.0 - 15 September, 2015 573.62 KB
ROG Umble V1.3/1.4 - 1590B Template

ROG Umble V1.3/1.4 - 1590B Template

1.0.0 - 18 July, 2015 24.24 KB

runoffgroove’s great Umble circuit!


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Product Description

PCB only.

PCBs based on runoffgroove circuits purchased from TH custom effects are intended for DIY / non-commercial use only. Any commercial use whatsoever is forbidden.


Additional Information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 85 x 29 x 2 mm

TH custom effects



3 reviews for ROG Umble V1.4 PCB

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    With this latest version of the Umble board, Thomas has given us the full, original ROG schematic. It’s a winner! There’s a huge amount of gain available (too much for some), but it’s controllable. ROG themselves suggest adding a switch to lift the Capacitor (C5) on the source of Q1 (and/or Q2) from ground to give a low-gain option. On a footswitch this might give a useful boost option, and it would be easy to do with this board. The tone stack is a bit odd – that’s how it works on the full-sized amps, apparently. There are some lovely sounds available, right from soft, smooth overdrive to some pretty over-the-top, almost fuzz sounds, which I doubt were a feature of the original! Biasing all four FETS is made much easier by the inclusion of test points on the board. It all fits easily in a 1590B on its side with the controls in a logical line across the top. I can thoroughly recommend this version of the Umble board.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    SMT MMBFJ201 pads are on the back of the PCB! No need to waste your SMT adapter/break-out boards on this build if you don’t have a stash of TO-92 J201’s on hand… Did I mention it sounds great, too?

  3. 5 out of 5


    Smooth, fat and a little hissy.Just like the real thing.

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