ROG Thor modified V1.2 – PCB

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ROG Thor V1.2 - Build Instructions

ROG Thor V1.2 - Build Instructions

- 8 September, 2015 827.14 KB

Runoffgoove’s Thor (Marshall Super Lead 100) with added baxandall tonestack.

Not as noisy as the new Thunderbird!

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PCB only!

PCBs based on runoffgroove circuits purchased from TH custom effects are intended for DIY / non-commercial use only. Any commercial use whatsoever is forbidden


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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 50 × 54 × 2 mm

1 review for ROG Thor modified V1.2 – PCB

  1. John Roberts (verified owner)

    I really like this pedal! The modifications – in particular the addition of the Bandaxall tonestack – really make this a versatile pedal. There is a huge amount of bass on tap if you want it – far more than most pedals which only have a single tone control. The values and sweep of the pots have been well thought out and you can get a huge range of tones from AC/DC’s Malcom Young (it’s very good for this) to Motorhead and further. It’s quite crunchy sounding, and removing the Bright switch was a good call. I reinstated it on my build, but it makes the pedal very bright indeed at low gain settings. I omitted the lead-channel switch on my build. The Bottom control adds an extra dose of low end thump which I really like. It makes all my other pedals sound a bit weedy.

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