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How to use a NOPE with EHX superswitcher/ Boss ES-8 and alike control outputs

There have been a few of these questions during the last months.So here is what you can do if you want to use a NoPe switch at the control outputs of an ES-8 or superswich or whatever unit is out there that hav 5V control signals to be programmed. Also if your control unit does […]

Effect Control Unit Update

The effect control unit has been reviewed and got a software upgrade (V1.4). Whats new? The mute feature now works even better than before eliminating nasty switch-popp noise. A new feature has been added: Switch#6 (unused before) now can toggle a full unit mute. When the switch is pressed the unit gets totally silent until […]

New Website Layout

We have been working hard rework the website to bring it to current website standards usable on mobile devices as well as on big screens. Information is more structured available now and – it looks better 🙂 If you find something not working or looking wierd please drop us a note to thc@ We […]

13 May 2018

Finally Merlins Glassbower has been given a new PCB without VU-meter – which was making way too much noise when switching the LEDs despite the chip beeing a low noise version. Its version 1.5 now. If you want to build a boost 27dB without OpAmps check it out here: Merlins Glassblower V1.5 PCB The ROG Umble […]