Aguilar (TM) Tonehammer 500 silent mod

When a client approached me to silence his Tonehammer amp I took on the task. Here is the short story what we did.

There are two cheap fans 50x50x10mm used in the stock amp. Although they are not super noisy but due to their size and rpm needed they make an annoying pitched noise.

This is whats in there:

So we took them out and replaced them with some high-end silent fans 60x60x25 and its making no noticeable noise now. To fit the backside fan we had to design and 3D print an adapter which allowed us to use the original holes to mount the much larger new fan.

This is how it looks after the mod:

Feel free to contact us if you wish something similar done to your amp. (Of course warranty will be void after the mod but we send you back the original parts to undo the mod – just in case.)

UPDATE: Due to high demand we have revisited the modification, turned on our 3D printers and came up with an easy to use for everyone solution. Check it out here:

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