PControl Modular Part#4

Full Redesign


As stated in the last post I started redesigning all boards to archieve the following:

  • Able to use a microcontroller with more memory.
  • They come in a larger package, so I had additional pins for:
    • Rotary switch for editing system parameters the easy way
    • Additional I/O which I might use for adding an expession pedal or other needful things
  • Adapt to the user poll that a 5-loop version is still needed
  • Eliminate a few minor design flaws of the second prototype run

Once I have gone through all the boards I will order the third prototype run

I am getting really exited to build something real with the modules when they come in.

Lets have a look what I came up with during the last week:


New Controller board 5 loops



New 7seg Frontpanel 5-loops


New Controller board 10 loops



New 7-seg Front panel 10 loops




New OLED Front Panel 10 loops



New 5-loop extension board



New Extension Front Panel



New DOGM132 external display



New OLED external display



… more to come …

4 thoughts on “PControl Modular Part#4

  1. Ric says:

    Looks good. One thing I felt was missing from the previous version (as I understood it), was the ability to insert a pedal in between loops. So for example, if I wanted to insert a buffer or something in between say loops 3 and 4, where the buffer is never looped out of the chain. Is this something that might be available in the new redesign?

  2. TH custom effects says:

    Yes, thats part of the modular concept. You can just connect the loops or split them or …

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