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Merlins Jenny Greenteeth

About this circuit Merlin Blencowe, also known as the Valvewizard (http://www.valvewizard.co.uk), introduces his new circuit on his projects page as follows: Jenny GreenTeeth started off as an experiment in making a chorus effect using the PT2399. Chorus is created by passing the signal through a very short delay line, somewhere between about 8ms and 25ms. […]

U-Boat V1.5 – Suboctaver

[wpdm_file id=67]   Sub-Octave-Effect based on Merlin Blencowe’s circuit. Most of the Sub-Octave effects today (if we talk analog here) are based on the Boss(TM) OC2 circuit. Merlin has digged up another method to generate an octave effect and designed a nice circuit around it. Learn more here:  http://www.valvewizard.co.uk/uboat.html   This circuit has a few changes to […]