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The EPIC Looper V1.0 DIY

[wpdm_file id=39] [wpdm_file id=43] [wpdm_file id=42] This is a cooperation between JMK PCBs and TH custom effects. We aimed for an easy-to-use and no-nonsense version of a programmable DIY true-bypass looper. And here it is: Features: True Bypass relay system Stores 4 banks of 5 presets each (thats 20 presets in total) Manual-Mode – toggle […]

The Ultimate Switch V2.0 – DIY

[wpdm_file id=34] The ultimate switch developed out of the need to somehow bring back old times when you had switches (more than 1) that released any already pressed switch when a new switch is pressed. You would call that a 1 out of X logic or radiobuttons if you were in the microprocessor area. During […]