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Merlins Jenny Greenteeth

About this circuit Merlin Blencowe, also known as the Valvewizard (http://www.valvewizard.co.uk), introduces his new circuit on his projects page as follows: Jenny GreenTeeth started off as an experiment in making a chorus effect using the PT2399. Chorus is created by passing the signal through a very short delay line, somewhere between about 8ms and 25ms. […]

Digital-FX V1.0 – DIY

[wpdm_file id=37] TH custom effects brings Digtal-FX to the DIY-community! I came across this great little module featuring 16 modulation effects and had the urge to use it for pedal building. Here is what I came up with. A versatile stomp box with 16 digital effects. Easy to use and easy to build. Fits minimum […]