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Relay Switches – The story

The TH custom line of quiet switching Seriously: Everyone owns a pedal that sounds great but makes problems when switching it on and off. The reasons for this can be found in the “To popp or not to popp” knowledgbase-article. The other issue is the mechanical endurance of the switch itself. How long will it […]

The EPIC Looper V1.0 DIY

[wpdm_file id=39] [wpdm_file id=43] [wpdm_file id=42] This is a cooperation between JMK PCBs and TH custom effects. We aimed for an easy-to-use and no-nonsense version of a programmable DIY true-bypass looper. And here it is: Features: True Bypass relay system Stores 4 banks of 5 presets each (thats 20 presets in total) Manual-Mode – toggle […]

Pedal Controller V2.1 – DIY

[wpdm_file id=12] Build your own Pedalboard Controller using our modular system ! This is Revision 2.1 with several enhancements processor controlled easy-to-read display 30 banks of 4 patches each 8 Loops with optional Bi-Amping Input board with linear driver and Tuner-Out Up to 16 loops using the extension board Input board has an optional power […]