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All-in-One Recording/OnStage Unit- DIY

[wpdm_file id=31] The All-In-One box is a the core part to your universal tool for recording, home-practicing and stage. What does it do? Input gain control FX Loop Wet/Dry Mixer (it’s a panner actually, so you can have 100% wet and 0% dry) aux in and aux volume control (connect your favourite mp3 player) buffered […]

ROG Condor – Cabinet Simulation – DIY V1.1

[wpdm_file id=18] This is my PCB for runoffgroove’s Condor cabinet simulation. Here is the link to ROGs project and their soundfiles. In my opinion ROGs Condor is one of the best available cabinet simulators. It emulates a speaker cabinet and allows direct recording or listening via a headphone amp. The PCB has the M-modification as […]