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Pro-cessor V3.0/V4.0/V4./V4.2 & Mixer/Splitter – DIY

[wpdm_file id=75] This is version 4.2 of the Pro-cessor. Signal Splitter Signal Mixer two effect loops 24dB highpass and lowpass filters affecting the signals V3.0 version (no board mounted jacks) is back in stock for everyone who wants to do his own wiring!   V4.0 features everything board mounted fitting in a 1590B enclosure. It […]

All-in-One Recording/OnStage Unit- DIY

[wpdm_file id=31] The All-In-One box is a the core part to your universal tool for recording, home-practicing and stage. What does it do? Input gain control FX Loop Wet/Dry Mixer (it’s a panner actually, so you can have 100% wet and 0% dry) aux in and aux volume control (connect your favourite mp3 player) buffered […]


This a universal tool for your board with these features: Signal Splitter Signal Mixer two effect loops 24db Highpass and Lowpass filters affecting the signals What it can do (use your imagination): Split one signal into two buffered signals Driving 2 Amps with one signal Mix two signals (Blend-control) Mix wet and Dry signal together […]