Switching: 3PDT daughter boards

Wiring 3PDT switches by hand is a rather time consuming approach. A better solution to speed things up is to use PCBs that are especially designed for this task.

The 3PDT wiring PCB

3PDT 1590B
THcustom 3PDT PCB

This relatively simple PCB makes wiring your pedal effortless and error free. All the connections are pre-wired and the mounting pads for your internal wiring are in the right places. It is available here!

There are other PCBs that will fit a 1590A enclosure.

THcustom 3PDT for 1590A enclosures


But as you already have a PCB here it would be fun to add a small effect circuit onto it – wouldnt it?

3PDT with voltage converter

madbean 3PRR

It allows you to run your effect at +18V instead of the standard +9V or you can use it to generate a negative supply for your favourite Fuzz. It is available here!

3PDT with Clean Blend

Jubal81s clean blend (Schooner)


This PCB allows to mix the clean signal with the returning effect signal. This can be used for a lot of applications, especially when you have effects that are made for bass.

It is available from Jubal81 here!

 3PDT with a Fuzz

GrindCustoms FX – Fuzzlon board

Its a simple silicon Fuzz with great sound. Rej from GrindCustomFX can supply these.




… more to follow …