MadBox – Mixer/Splitter V1.0 – DIY

MadBox V3.1 - Build Instructions

MadBox V1.0 - Build Instructions

1.0.0 - 8 September, 2015 349.45 KB

The MadBox is a stripped Pro-cessor.

Without the filter stages you can use it as a Paralooper or only the Mixing or the Splitter parts of it.


  1. sextantmusique


    Do i need to use a 3pdt footswitch on it ??

  2. Thomas Hofmann

    No, there is no need to switch it.

  3. Jorge

    Can I use two PCBs to do a 4 in/out Splitter Mixer? Thanks!

  4. Thomas Hofmann

    4-in – yes, 4-out – no

  5. Pontus Robertson


    I was yhinking of building this one. One of the comments on Musikding was:

    “Easy mounting, great sound & possibilities.
    You need to add a knob and an enclosure. Everything else is in the kit included. If you are a bassist you better add three mkt

    As I am new to the DIY building of pedals I don’t really understand what that means. I do want to use it for bass and I want to use it to join two mono signals to one mono signal ( two-in to one-out).

    Thanks so much for the help!

  6. Thomas Hofmann

    You may replace C1,C3 and C4 with 470nF instead of the 220nF ones for bass.

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