PControl Modular Part#4


Full Redesign


As stated in the last post I started redesigning all boards to archieve the following:

  • Able to use a microcontroller with more memory.
  • They come in a larger package, so I had additional pins for:
    • Rotary switch for editing system parameters the easy way
    • Additional I/O which I might use for adding an expession pedal or other needful things
  • Adapt to the user poll that a 5-loop version is still needed
  • Eliminate a few minor design flaws of the second prototype run

Once I have gone through all the boards I will order the third prototype run

I am getting really exited to build something real with the modules when they come in.

Lets have a look what I came up with during the last week:


New Controller board 5 loops



New 7seg Frontpanel 5-loops


New Controller board 10 loops



New 7-seg Front panel 10 loops




New OLED Front Panel 10 loops



New 5-loop extension board



New Extension Front Panel



New DOGM132 external display



New OLED external display



… more to come …


  1. Stephanovitch

    Great job, I waiting for the next pictures

    Which compiler/language do you use?

  2. TH custom effects (Post author)

    I use microchip MPXLAB and the corresponding compilers.

  3. Ric

    Looks good. One thing I felt was missing from the previous version (as I understood it), was the ability to insert a pedal in between loops. So for example, if I wanted to insert a buffer or something in between say loops 3 and 4, where the buffer is never looped out of the chain. Is this something that might be available in the new redesign?

  4. TH custom effects (Post author)

    Yes, thats part of the modular concept. You can just connect the loops or split them or …

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