Merlins Jenny Greenteeth

About this circuit

Merlin Blencowe, also known as the Valvewizard (, introduces his new circuit on his projects page as follows:

Jenny GreenTeeth started off as an experiment in making a chorus effect using the PT2399. Chorus is created by passing the signal through a very short delay line, somewhere between about 8ms and 25ms. The delay time is modulated and the delayed sgnal is mixed back with the original un-delayed signal. Some feedback (‘repeats’) is often applied too, to thicken the effect. The PT2399 has a minimum delay time of about 25ms, which is just short enough to do a thick chorus effect. The more subtale chorus effects that a ‘proper’ chorus pedal would do are not avaialable as they require shorter delay times ( but I’m one of those people who only ever wants his chorus thick!). However, as well as getting chorus I soon found that various other unexpected effects could also be had for free, including pitch bend and a kind of ring modulation. That’s why I’ve called it ‘weird chorus’. 

I was building this and thought myself:”Thats really weird, but good as hell”A lot of useful sounds can be had from this great little device.Demo: [After 1 Minute I started to play with the controls]



    Merlins Jenny Greenteeth V1.1 – PCB

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