PControl Modular Part #5

As said last time I’ve done new layouts for almost all PCBs because of the need to use a different processor. Also I did a lot of thinking about how the boards will be connected to switches, relays etc. A new connector and a distribution board has come out of this idea.

New PCBs !

This is what was ordered:



This is what was received:


Looks good so far 🙂

5-loop controller, 7-segment piggy-board and OLED piggy-board

Unfortunately I made a mistake and they wont fit together. I need to redo both display-boards 🙁


10-loop controller, 7-segment piggy-board and OLED piggy-board



Helper Boards (Distribution-Board, Display-Boards [LCD, OLED – each with rotary encoder], 5-loop piggy extension



Populating the boards

There are not really a lot of parts to be soldered.

5-loop controller and 5-loop extension board



10-loop Controller



5-loop extension board



Next step

is to build a prototype and amend the existing code to support the new processor.

I will go with a 10-loop controller with a piggyback OLED. Thats a good setup for programming/debugging as the OLED has space to display the debug information.

Also a more standard setup for a floorboard will be done to be able to start documentation.