PControl Modular – Part#2

So parts are comming in and PCBs arrived.

Here is what comes from the fab:




Which is the control boards:




and the switching boards:


Also the OLEDs got here.

This is a comparison between the sizes.

0.39″ 7-Segment , 1.3″ OLED, 0.96″ OLED


Display Comparison


Ordered parts are here and I’ve built some proto-boards:



So far all boards tested are working but I found a few things that need fixing on some boards.

Here is what I am currently doing:

Trying to get the modules work together. So far the overall concept seems to work.



The revision2 boards are here now and I am testing them.

Also the LCD and OLED boards are here and wait for their testing.

Unfortunately there is currently little time to bring the project forward. I hope this will change soon.


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