ROG Condor – Cabinet Simulation – DIY V1.1

[wpdm_file id=18]condor_v10_diy

This is my PCB for runoffgroove’s Condor cabinet simulation.

Here is the link to ROGs project and their soundfiles.

In my opinion ROGs Condor is one of the best available cabinet simulators. It emulates a speaker cabinet and allows direct recording or listening via a headphone amp.

The PCB has the M-modification as explained in their article. Board mounted pots can be used to make the build more simple.


Old V1.0 build document:

[wpdm_file id=6]

Headphone etc.

ROG Condor V1.1 – PCB

$ 8.33


4 thoughts on “ROG Condor – Cabinet Simulation – DIY V1.1

  1. Gerard M says:

    Hi I was wondering what are the main differences between ROG Condor V1.0 and V1.1?

    Also if you know any good suppliers for the parts I would appreciate the tip. I am very keen to build the Condor using your PCB.

    Thanks again

  2. Bob Neri says:

    Do you take money orders for the pcb? How are the input and output jacks wired to the pc board? Can a 9 volt battery be used? Thanks.

  3. TH custom effects says:

    We dont take money orders. Paypal is the choice for international customers.
    In the build document you see the IN/GND/OUT pads on the board which are connected to the tip/sleeves of the jacks.
    The Condor does run on battery power.

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