What is ROG ?

If you are interested in pedal building, you have for sure seen the great circuits developed by

I do like a lot of their circuits as they do sound very good and there is real development behind each idea. You will not find the 23rd version of a T-Screamer there. Most of their circuits are genuine.

So what is this about?

I found a good number of their circuits in my drawer and had the idea to work a little on them to allow everyone interested in their circuits to have either a layout to self-etch the PCB or to buy a fabricated one for easy use.

So whats comming? Here are the 3D rendered boards that will soon be manufactured:

ROG Supre-Deux

ROG Thor (modded with Bandaxall Tonestack)
   ROG Condor CabSim
ROG Umble
ROG Professor Tweed
ROG Azabache