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This a universal tool for your board with these features: Signal Splitter Signal Mixer two effect loops 24db Highpass and Lowpass filters affecting the signals What it can do (use your imagination): Split one signal into two buffered signals Driving 2 Amps with one signal Mix two signals (Blend-control) Mix wet and Dry signal together […]

Pedal Controller

Flexible Pedal Control Unit: Build your own Pedalboard Controller ! processor controlled easy-to-read display 32 banks of 4 patches each 8 Loops with optional Bi-Amping Input board with linear driver and Tuner-Out Allows to build a reduced-parts-version: 4 Loops instead of 8 without linear driver without Tuner-Out 10 instead of 32 banks This is a […]

Guitar Practice Amplifier

The practice amplifier combines the following features: 1 – 1.5W power amp (9/12V) Clean and distorted channel Baxandall tone control (Treble / Bass) Gain / Tweak / Volume – controls AUX-IN (your favourite mp3-player) and Mix-Control built-in reverb-unit Reverb and Reverb-Tone- control add a Valve-e-tizer to have orginal tube-sound ! There is a major problem […]


Versatile 1-valve circuit: Gain, Tone, Volume-controls Voltage multiplier (60V/80V based on 9/12V input) Variable cathode resistor pots can run the second stage as cathode-follower easy to tweak from clean to distorted The Valv-e-tizer project will continously be put forward to improve layout of the board and functionality. Several ideas to optimize the circuit and to […]


Very easy-to-use reverb with additional Features: reverb signal is mixed with clean signal tone-pot for shaping the wet signal switch to toggle between tonecontrol and fixed settings fits in 1590B enclosure     The prototype is working perfect and the additional toneshaping feature is doing its job. During testing the prototype an interesting mod came […]