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There is another project which closes the distance to the target line:

The DIY-Metronome

I started this more than a year ago and after programming this on a PIC development board while at the same time I was asking what people want out of such a project here



So, after a lot of failed programming efforts, I mananged to output a nice drum sample via the PIC. This made me think about how to implement all the features requested.

The various requirements specified by the community were:

  • up to 350 bpm
  • Ability to control the level of each instrument via a separate control
  • big display
  • save and retrieve settings
  • ability to mix in the guitar signal and an external source


I took it to the next level and created a new PCB to test aout if it can be done:






and it works nicely so far.

Currently working on getting a display connected.


2 thoughts on “DIY-Metronome Development Blog

  1. Loce says:

    Nice! Want you to commercialize it? I wish that there’s pcb print, parts and scheme for this project. Is that possible?

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