The EPIC Looper V1.0 DIY


This is a cooperation between JMK PCBs and TH custom effects.

We aimed for an easy-to-use and no-nonsense version of a programmable DIY true-bypass looper.

And here it is:


  • True Bypass relay system
  • Stores 4 banks of 5 presets each (thats 20 presets in total)
  • Manual-Mode – toggle each single loop manually
  • MIDI Out – send Program change commands when preset is activated
  • Easy to use. See demo video
  • Uses standard 1032L enclosure you can get everywhere
  • One Loop can be turned into an amp-switch (amp channel or effect switch)
  • Easy to build with various parts sourcing options

Jacobs demo video:


Here are the pictures of the prototype unit and all PCBs we offer in the set.

Its a lot of wiring (as usual with a looper project) but its so easy to build you wont believe it.



  1. Tim

    Can this be expanded to 8 or 10 loops?

  2. TH custom effects (Post author)

    No, but there will be a new looper until end of the year which is modular and can do 5/10/15/20 loops.

  3. Brian

    Will this fit in a Hammond 1411T enclosure?

  4. TH custom effects (Post author)

    It should. I had it in front of me and it is almost the same size as the recommended enclosure.

  5. Phil

    Can I find all the components in the kit “the epic looper v1.2-pcb set”?

  6. TH custom effects (Post author)

    The PCB set is not a kit. It consists of all the PCBs, the microcontroller and a good quality RGB LED.
    The building instructions lists parts and sources you need to buy additionally.

  7. chris


    I need a programmable looper. which version should i pick ? epic looper v1 or epic looper v1.2 thanks

  8. TH custom effects (Post author)

    Version 1.2 is the current version. 1.0 is the initial one which is not available anymore.

  9. Simone

    Hi there! Thank you for this great project. I was wondering, probably a stupid question, can you program the amp switch status into a preset? So that when you load a preset, it activates loops X & Y and also switch channel on the amp?

    Also, how can you have a master bypass of all the loops, to let just the guitar signal pass through? If you click again on an active preset, does it turn it off or you just have to program an empty preset, like on your demo video?

    Thank you!

  10. TH custom effects (Post author)


    there is one relay on the EPIC that can be turned into an amp switch. It then can be stored in position on/off like any other loop.
    Programming an empty preset is the best way to do this.

    you are welcome!

  11. Paul Leertouwer

    Are you planning a looper/switcher with midi in?

  12. Thomas Hofmann

    see the modular looper.


    Isso didn’t understand the MIDI features.
    Will It Control a MIDI rack as well? When changing The patches?

  14. Thomas Hofmann

    The controller will send a program change message whenever a preset is selected. The sent out change is fixed to the bank/patch selected and cannot be changed.

  15. Dbiesen

    Congratulations for this very good kit.
    I’m really interested to build one but with 10 loop minimum
    And to separate the control on the floor and the looper in a rack
    Please do you have some advise to realise my configuration?
    Thanks in advance

  16. Thomas Hofmann

    HI, unfortunately the EPIC is only designed as 5 loops.

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