Pro-cessor V3.0/V4.0/V4./V4.2 & Mixer/Splitter – DIY

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This is version 4.2 of the Pro-cessor.

  • Signal Splitter
  • Signal Mixer
  • two effect loops
  • 24dB highpass and lowpass filters affecting the signals

V3.0 version (no board mounted jacks) is back in stock for everyone who wants to do his own wiring!


V4.0 features everything board mounted fitting in a 1590B enclosure. It is recommended to use a 125B for easier fitting of the jacks.

V4.1 with on-on-on switches will ONLY fit a 125B!

V4.2 has a even smaller footprint with cutouts at the side.

This is a selection of how to use it:



There is also a version without filters called Mixer/Splitter V4.2.







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V4.1, and V4.0 have been discontinued but instructions are here for your reference:

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Due to popular demand the V3-version is back again! Its the version without board mounted jacks!

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$ 10.55

Mixer, Splitter ..

Pro-cessor V4.2 PCB

$ 11.66

Mixer, Splitter ..

Pro-cessor V3.0 PCB

$ 9.44