Valv-e-tizer 1.1/1.3/1.4/1.5 – DIY

Valv-e-tizer V1.5b - build instructions

Valv-e-tizer V1.5a - build instructions

1.0.0 - 8 September, 2015 0.00 KB
Valv-e-tizer V1.4 Build Instructions

Valv-e-tizer V1.4 Build Instructions

1.0.0 - 8 September, 2015 1.24 MB
Valv-e-titzer V1.3 Build Instructions

Valv-e-titzer V1.3 Build Instructions

1.0.0 - 8 September, 2015 1.04 MB

Did you ever want to build a real tube pedal but you have been embarassed by the disadvantages:

  • high, lethal voltage
  • free wiring
  • all the irritating schematics

then this is for you. Valv-e-tizer is a project

  • running on 9V pedal power
  • builds like any other effect circuit
  • comes in different flavours
  • is fun!

This circuit has gone through many revisions and surely can state that it has reached maturity now:

V1.1: adjustable plate voltage – discontinued. only few boards left. (Discontinued)

V1.3: adjustable BIAS voltage – new and better approach to control the tube character and amplification (Discontinued)

V1.4: like V1.3 but uses 6V regulator and the LED can be switched via your 3PDT.

V1.5: has additional mounting holes for supporting the tube socket during insertion/removal of the tube.

Make your solid state amp tube-soundish or use it as overdrive/distortion effect.

Update: Video demonstration of the Tube Groove which contains three different Valv-e-tizer boards.

Listen to the sound of real tube power. You hear a direct recording of the unit, no amp, no cabsim.




  1. Fabrizio

    great project here! but there’s something I’ve never seen before! Can you tell me why you used a Schmitt Trigger? to lowering the noise?
    Really thanks,
    Best Wishes

  2. TH custom effects (Post author)

    Its just one way to multiply the input voltage. Its a 6 times multiplier from someone named Renegadrian.

  3. Fabrizio

    I was thinking of that but I had never seen a Schmitt used this way. Thanks for answering!

  4. Tom

    In the Tube Groove video what are the differences between each of the sections you activate? Circuit? Tube?

  5. Thomas Hofmann

    The tube groove unit has the three versions you could build on a 1.3 board “at that time” !!

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