This a universal tool for your board with these features:processor_30_proto

  • Signal Splitter
  • Signal Mixer
  • two effect loops
  • 24db Highpass and Lowpass filters affecting the signals

What it can do (use your imagination)

  • Split one signal into two buffered signals
    • Driving 2 Amps with one signal
  • Mix two signals (Blend-control)
    • Mix wet and Dry signal together
    • use it to connect two guitars on one amp
  • Run your signal through two different effect chains and mix them together
  • Use the LP-filter to run an octaver in the lower range while it has no effect on the signal in the high-range
  • activate LP for one channel on HP for the other. Now use the Mix-Pot as a highly efficient tone control (+/- 24db!)

A layout that can fit in a 1590B enclosure has been designed and will be the basis for our commercial offering.

3D rendered image of the board