Relay Switches – The story

The TH custom line of quiet switching


Everyone owns a pedal that sounds great but makes problems when switching it on and off. The reasons for this can be found in the “To popp or not to popp” knowledgbase-article.

The other issue is the mechanical endurance of the switch itself. How long will it be a reliable thing when you are on stage?

I have been through it and there is no simple solution for this! 


What you will find in this article is what I can currently offer to help you in modding an existing pedal or – if you build a new one – to overcome the known problems.

A lot can be done by replacing the mechanical switch of true-bypass pedals with relay switches. The relay will switch the signals while you can use a simple momentary switch to toggle it on and off. They are more reliable than the usual 3PDT switches and easier to press down.


To popp or not to popp Mechanical issues Using microcontrollers No microcontroller Optical bypass

Miniature True Bypass

Yes, lets have a look at the Miniature true bypass solution I am offering:

This is especially designed to fit a 1590A enclosure and it has everything you need:

  • Easy to press momentary switch1590a tbp
  • Reliable switching via microcontroller
  • High quality Fujitsu relay
  • Wiring pads in the right paces


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The uBer switch

Why not mute the signal while switching it?

The next step in switching directly attacks the popping noise through muting the signal for the duration of the switching which – in most cases – fully eliminates any popping noise.

  • Easy uber_switch_3to press momentary switch
  • Microcprocessor controlled
  • High quality Fujitsu relay
  • Mute while switching
  • Very small form factor
  • Wiring pads in the right places


This is the best I have for you at the moment. The size allows to fit it in any existing pedal.

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Is a microcontroller really required?

No, its also very reliable in switching

  • Easy to press momentary switch031
  • High quality Fujitsu relay
  • Very small form factor
  • Wiring pads in the right places



The size allows to fit it in any existing pedal.

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