U-Boat V1.5 – Suboctaver

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Sub-Octave-Effect based on Merlin Blencowe’s circuit.

Most of the Sub-Octave effects today (if we talk analog here) are based on the Boss(TM) OC2 circuit. Merlin has digged up another method to generate an octave effect and designed a nice circuit around it. Learn more here:  http://www.valvewizard.co.uk/uboat.html


This circuit has a few changes to the original circuit:

  • True bypass instead of the original FET switching
  • A Track-pot has been added for finding the sweet spot where the octaver works best for your guitar pickups.
  • The envelope follower part has been altered to a more standard circuit.

See a demo of the pedal in use:



Link to obsolete V1.1 build doc:

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U-Boat V1.5 PCB

$ 9.99