Re-verb V4.0 – DIY


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If you wish to add reverb to your pedalboard or use it in your amp because it does not have one – you are at the right place.

What makes this reverb special is its unique tone control. You can shape the color of the reverb signal and boost the lower or higher end. When the dry and wet signal are mixed later the signal will have the very unique touch you have dialed in.

In addition to that a room-boost switch is available for immediate cathedral-like sounds at the max. The tone control is working in a reduced way if the switch is on but overall there is a wide range of very useful sounds.

Version 4.0 has an easier to drill layout and a feedback-path for smoother tones.

Older documents for reference:

A mod for enhanced tone control is published in build document V3.1a!

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Re-verb V4.0 PCB

$ 9.99