ROG Ginger V1.0 – DIY

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This is my PCB for runoffgroove’s Ginger bass amp emulation.

Here is the link to ROGs project and their soundfiles.

The Ginger is modelled after an Ampgeg SB-12 Portaflex bass amp.

Board mounted pots can be used to make the build easier.

PCBs based on runoffgroove circuits purchased from TH custom effects are intended for DIY / non-commercial use only. Any commercial use whatsoever is forbidden

Overdrive etc.

ROG Ginger V1.0 PCB

$ 8.88

1 thoughts on “ROG Ginger V1.0 – DIY

  1. otu says:

    Real good kit. Only problem was that the 4 pots aren’t symmetrical (the lay out). The tone pot holes on the pedal box must be wider than the vol pots.

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