All-in-One Recording/OnStage Unit- DIY

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The All-In-One box is a the core part to your universal tool for recording, home-practicing and stage.

What does it do?

  • Input gain control
  • FX Loop
  • Wet/Dry Mixer (it’s a panner actually, so you can have 100% wet and 0% dry)
  • aux in and aux volume control (connect your favourite mp3 player)
  • buffered amp-out with volume control (selectable Mix or FX-loop only)
  • wide range single knob tone control.
  • Frequency correction with speaker saturation control (can be bypassed)
  • recording out volume control
  • Mic-a Mic-b and line-level output for the recording Signal
  • symmetric line out for XLR connection (DI-Out)

The prototype which was built consists of the main board and optional external components. It is up to you which ones you want and which not depending on what YOU need!

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Demo of the tonecontrol and filtering abilities:

Demo of the Wet/Dry control:

And used a a practicing solution (Guitar playing and backing track @ AUX-in)

Despite the high parts count it is an easy build. Due to the board mounted pots and switches you almost cannot make wiring mistakes.
To better understand the functionality there is a block diagram showing the circuit blocks and signal paths:


Headphone etc.

All-in-one V1.3 PCB

$ 15.54

2 thoughts on “All-in-One Recording/OnStage Unit- DIY

  1. Andrew Steele says:

    HI there,
    I have the Epic looper kit and I am wondering if there is a way to change a couple of the loops to stereo and have a stereo output as well? Thanks in advance for your time,


  2. Thomas Hofmann says:


    no, but you can use the modular controller for this. Or you can keep the epic controller and use the audio modules of the modular controller only to create what you need.

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