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PControl Modular – The next generation DIY looper

Since I have discontinued the PControl Looper I have received so many requests to as when the new PControl will be available that I cannot count them. Here is the documentation of the development of the new device and my thoughts – based on a lot of feedback and wishes I have received since I […]

U-Boat V1.5 – Suboctaver

  Sub-Octave-Effect based on Merlin Blencowe’s circuit. Most of the Sub-Octave effects today (if we talk analog here) are based on the Boss(TM) OC2 circuit. Merlin has digged up another method to generate an octave effect and designed a nice circuit around it. Learn more here:   This circuit has a few changes to the original […]

Dr. Phil Compressor – DIY

This is a well known circuit which features a versatile compressor together with a nice dirt section. The optical compressor circuit can be blended in with the original signal. The compressed signal can additionally be blended with its overdriven signal. Some words about the controls: There are mixed reactions when people are confronted with so […]

ROG Ginger V1.0 – DIY

This is my PCB for runoffgroove’s Ginger bass amp emulation. Here is the link to ROGs project and their soundfiles. The Ginger is modelled after an Ampgeg SB-12 Portaflex bass amp. Board mounted pots can be used to make the build easier. PCBs based on runoffgroove circuits purchased from TH custom effects are intended for DIY / non-commercial […]

ROG Azabache – DIY

This is my PCB for runoffgroove’s Azabache overdrive. Here is the link to ROGs project and their soundfiles. The Azabache is a Fender-like overdrive covering a lot of their models because of the special tonestack and switching used. Board mounted pots can be used to make the build easier. For reference: (out of production)

The EPIC Looper V1.0 DIY

This is a cooperation between JMK PCBs and TH custom effects. We aimed for an easy-to-use and no-nonsense version of a programmable DIY true-bypass looper. And here it is: Features: True Bypass relay system Stores 4 banks of 5 presets each (thats 20 presets in total) Manual-Mode – toggle each single loop manually MIDI Out […]

Pro-cessor V3.0/V4.0/V4./V4.2 & Mixer/Splitter – DIY

This is version 4.2 of the Pro-cessor. Signal Splitter Signal Mixer two effect loops 24dB highpass and lowpass filters affecting the signals V3.0 version (no board mounted jacks) is back in stock for everyone who wants to do his own wiring!   V4.0 features everything board mounted fitting in a 1590B enclosure. It is recommended […]