Older News

01.May 2015: Uploaded more templates/decals to the Drill Templates Page.

02.Apr.2015: True Bypass Mute-KIT is restocked!

21.Mar 2015: Restock is in. Get you easter eggs 10% off and use the discount coupon ‘easter2015’.

13.Feb 2015: Boards for the Tubedriver and 1-band param EQ have been reordered and should be here mid of March. Development of the new projects (PControl Modular, Metronome…) is going very slow due to time restrictions on my side. I hope to be able to spent more time on it in the near future.

22.Dec.2014: The ROG Supre-Deux Overdrive is available in a new, smaller layout with testpoints for easier biasing. And I created another Relay True Bypass Kit which does not have a microcontroller, therefore its called NOPE (NO Processor Engaged). A new version of the Mini-Muffin for 1590A builds is available as well.

16.Dec.2014: New Circuit available: The OD67 which is a MXR(TM)+ re DO250(TM) distortion box with all mods available that Brian Wampler released in his article!

14.Dec. 2014: The U-Boat V1.5 are in stock. Get your yellow submarine now! I also continued the PControl Modular on a second page – and while I was on it I also started the DIY-Metronome dev-blog-entry!

24.Nov,2014: The new PControl unit is in its final development stages. Have a look at what you can expect in this documentation of the project.

15.Nov.2014: I have added a new page for drill templates. They are loaded with the most current projects but will fill up with time. Please use with fun and care! New product: 1-band parametric EQ for 1590A. The board mount Mixer/Splitter V4.2 has a new layout to fit easier into 1590B enclosures.

10.Nov.2014: The new U-Boat V1.5 circuit has been verified. New boards will be in stock shortly. Previous customers of the board please take note of this thread: http://www.madbeanpedals.com/forum/index.php?topic=16677.msg175190#msg175190

21. Oct.2014: New switching solutions available: Miniature Relay True Bypass for 1590A builds. Make your effects switch dead quiet using this Muting Relay True Bypass, the uBer Switch! All builders of multi-effect pedals will love the new Effect-Control project. 5 channels and multiple switching modes!  These are also available as a KIT now!

06 Oct. 2014: New Project: The Dr. Phil Compressor. ROG Azabache, ROG Condor, ROG TriVibe, Balanced Line Driver and Mini Headphone Extension have been restocked!

03.Sept.2014: New build instructions and demo code for 16/32 LED rotary encoder display!

29.Aug.2014: V1.3 of the runoffgroove Umble PCB is available now!

06.Aug. 204: 3PDT wiring PCB back in stock. 1590A 3PDT and 9mm pot helper PCB are NEW!

30 July 2014: I started on the knowledge base pages. Please visit this reference section about pedal building topics!

08.July 2014: ROG Condor, ROG Ginger and Merlins U-Boat are back in stock now!

02.July 2014: Valv-e-tizer V1.5, ROG Tri-Vibe and 5-Band-EQ with chip are back in stock!

26.June 2014: MadBox Mixer/Splitter is back in stock. New layouted boards: ROG Azabache V1.1, Re-Verb V4.0

25.June 2014: Unfortunately most of the ordered restocks have been lost during transit. New order is in place and should be here mid July.

17.May 2104: NEW: Runoffgroove’s Tri-Vibe vibrato PCB. ROG Ginger and Merlins U-boat are reordered and will get here start of June.

04.May 2014: NEW: U-Boat V1.1 – Suboctave effect.

19.April 2014: Runoffgroove’s Ginger (Ampeg SB-12 portaflex emulation) is available now! Balanced Line Driver back in stock!

28.Mar. 2014: Whats in the pipeline ? Take a peek here!

27.Mar. 2014: All orders in April 2014 above USD 10,- (EUR 8,-) will receive a free give-away!

20.Mar 2014: runoffgroove Azabache is back in stock!

15.Mar. 2014: Pro-cesor V4.1 restocked!

02.Mar. 2014: NEW: Balanced Line Driver board. Add a symmetric output (XLR) to your effects or pedalboard.

16.Jan. 2014: NEW: 7-segment LED board for the EPIC Looper. New EPIC Looper documents. The RAGE! – Metal Distortion at its best! New TS mini board!

04.Jan.2014: The EPIC Looper is back in stock now!

25.Dec. 2013: Updated build instructions for the Ultimate SwitchV2.0. Wiring instructions now included.

04.Dec. 2013: New version of the Pro-cessor. V4.0 features everything board mounted for super-easy build. Check out the examples of how to use it!

02.Dec. 2013: DECEMBER SALE! A lot of boards have been reduced, some are 60% down! Also new Shop-Pages online!

15.Nov.2013: Updated build documents for the Digital FX (BOM), Umble (drill template), Mini Headphone Amps (BOM).

23.Oct. 2013: New project: Digital FX goes DIY! learn more how to build your own digital modulation pedal.

05.Oct. 2013: Now you can make your shipment traceable by adding the “registered mail” item to your shopping cart!

02.Oct. 2013: Build document for the Acoustic Simulator has been updated to V1.0A.

23.Sept. 2013: New build document for the 1590B Rodent.

11.Sept. 2013: NEW! The Acoustic simulator is here, as well as a much improved version of the Ultimate Switch!

05.Sept. 2013:  NEW! 5-Band Equalizer allowing you to define the frequency bands yourself. Fits 1590B from side to side!

29.August 2013: New stuff: The All-In-One recording and DI solution and a 10W slimline solid state power amp!

27.August 2013: Reverb-V3.1 has been restocked. Mod published for enhanced tone control – download build document v3.1a!

21.August 2013: ROG Azabache, ROG Umble and Valevetizer 1.4 have been restocked. New Board: TS mini !

30.June 2013: Updated all Build Documents that had blurry schematics in them. Please download the current documents from their product pages. Sorry for the mistake.

18.June 2013: Moved site to http://diy.thcustom.com. I and Janis have spent hours and recorded a lot of effects which are now accessible on the site! The shop pages of the single products have been updated with the respective build documents and sound files !

13.June 2013: Disabled the german language. This site will be only in english in the future. A nice tool, the MadBox is online now. New versions of the Valv-e-tizer are available. Build your own valve pedal now!

03.June 2013: The TH custom effects boutique pedal site will be launched shortly. I will continue to contribute to the DIY community and keep this site but move it to a slightly different plaace sometime this month! Be exited about the real pedals to come and the great DIY stuff that is available!

02.June.2013: ROG Thor PCB got fixxed.

29.May 2013:  ROG Supreaux-Deux came in and the ROG Condor board got fixed! The ROG Azabache had an error in the BOM. Please download V1.0a instructions. The Muffin and the Mini Muffin are available as well as the OD 66 and its mini-version. Also the Ro-dent mini board is available now.

08.May 2013:  ROG Umble and ROG Thor modified are available!

07.May 2013:   ROG Azabache and ROG Professor Tweed are available.

18 April 2013:  Pedal-Control version 2.1 is available! Major improvements have been done.

16.April 2013:  All build instructions are up now.  ROG Azabache, ROG Thor modified comming next. Also ROG Umble, ROG Professor Tweed and a Gator clone.

15 April 2013:  The Re-verb V3.1 is available now.

11 April 2013:   Three different headphone boards are available now. Build instructions to be uploaded shortly. The ROG Condor Cabsim and the JFET Vulcan High Gain Boards are bverified and available.

13.Mar 2013:    The PControl V2.0 build document was updated to include drill dimensions.

07.Mar  2013:   The Ultimate Switch is here !

04.Mar 2013:    Valv-e-tizer build document now includes single sided artwork.